The Origins of Moroccan Oil

For centuries the women of Morocco and the surrounding region have known about the secrets of Moroccan oil. Also known as Argan oil, this wonderful product is pressed from the kernels found in the fruit that grows on Argan trees only in the Souss-Massa area of the country. It has many qualities that have make it highly desirable for use as a rich emollient on both hair and skin. It is wonder that royalty in many countries of the world have long favored Argan oil products for use in their beauty and healthcare routines.

Moroccanoil is the leading brand of Moroccan oil in the world and Promotes Total Hair and Body Health

The luxury Moroccanoil brand is often imitated but never equaled. Moroccanoil was the first to use Argan oil in a full line of professional-grade products. The company’s proprietary blend of Argan oil and other ingredients offers many benefits that are cannot be matched by any competitor. It is loaded with nutrients Vitamin F (known also as Omega 6) and Vitamin A that nourish hair and improve elasticity to prevent damage when brushing or straightening. Vitamin E in the formula protects hair and skin against the buildup of free radicals that may pose a health risk. Phenols included in the blend offer outstanding protection against environmental causes of hair damage including dirt and pollution of many kinds. There’s more good news. The Argan oil formula employed in Moroccanoil brand products offers proven UV protection against the potentially damaging effects of the sun. In addition, the oil is chock-full of antioxidants that promote healthy hair and a healthy body with every use.

Moroccanoil is Popular Everywhere

Today, you will find a growing number of enthusiasts who are discovering the health and hair benefits of using Moroccanoil products. These proven products are favored for use in homes and professional hair styling salons. And many Hollywood celebrities and their stylists have also discovered Moroccanoil brand products. They are used to create the hairstyles seen in major fashion shoots and are the backstage products of choice at prestigious events such as the Oscars, Grammys, MTV awards, Golden Globes and more. If you are looking for a superior line of hair care products that will restore health to damaged and processed hair while keeping healthy hair in top condition, give these great Moroccanoil brand products a try. You’ll instantly see why they are fast becoming one of the most popular lines of hair care products wherever beautiful, healthy hair is desired.

Discover the Wonderful Lineup of Moroccanoil Products

It will be helpful to take a general look at some of the most popular and useful products from the Moroccanoil collection. Rich, moisturizing Argan oil is found in each of these luxury products that are also affordable enough to use at home. To help you get familiar with the Moroccanoil brand, these products form a great introduction.

1. Moroccanoil

This is the original product in the collection. It is loaded with Argania Spinoza Kernel Oil, also known as Moroccan oil, as well as ingredients in the silicone family with outstanding smoothing qualities. It is a lightweight formula that is quickly absorbed into the hair where it has the power to rejuvenate hair that has been damaged by over-processing, dyes or chemical treatments. Work Moroccanoil into healthy hair and it will protect against damage caused be hot tools, frequent showering, swimming in chlorinated pools, the sun and other environmental factors.

Use just a small amount – only enough to be able to work it entirely through your hair. The results will be instant and long lasting. You’ll enjoy shiny, soft, healthy hair that is free of the frizzies and very easy to manage. Moroccanoil is very highly rated as a general hair treatment that will bring enhanced vitality and beauty to any head of hair!