Past Meeting
Title: MedSC 2013 Spring Meeting
Date: May 15, 2013
Location: Denver, CO
Attendees: Limited to Council Members, Sponsors, and Invitees
Agenda: Global Healthcare Outlook and Supply Chain Implications
Gene Huang, Ph.D. – Vice President and Chief Economist, FedEx

While “The Great Recession” hurt the global economy, the healthcare industry was one vertical that maintained growth. This discussion will focus on why that was the case, the future of the healthcare industry from a macro-economic perspective, as well as supply chain barriers that must be overcome in order to facilitate continued growth.

Building the Outcome-Focused Healthcare Value Chain
Todd Applebaum – Research Vice President, Gartner

As governments and insurers move to link approval and reimbursement decisions to quality of care, healthcare providers are increasingly looking to suppliers to not only reduce product costs, but also to support improved patient outcomes. This session will examine recent research on the changes in healthcare that are driving manufacturers toward a more patient-centric supply chain, including implications for manufacturers, and emerging supply chain capabilities that will enable this change.

The Evolving European Market: Challenges and Opportunities
Tina Vatanka Murphy – Senior Vice President Global Markets, GHX

Much of the costs and complexity for healthcare suppliers comes from the varied requirements imposed by not only governments, but also from the customers they serve. This is even more challenging for global suppliers who must manage manufacturing, distribution, sales, service and inventory in multiple locations and markets around the world. This session will take a closer look at the changing nature of supplier-provider relationships in the European marketplace and how manufacturers are working to reduce costs to serve and optimize operational performance in a widely varied and yet rapidly changing marketplace.

Unique Device Identification (UDI) Around the Globe
Karen Conway – Executive Director Industry Relations, GHX

UDI is no longer just a US issue. Countries around the world are following the US lead of requiring unique identifiers on medical devices. This presentation will provide a summary of the activities occuring in this critical area.

Increasing Regulatory Scrutiny in the Extended Healthcare Supply Chain
Bernie Student, Consulting Partner – PwC
Linda Meloro, Consulting Director – PwC

Regulatory scrutiny is expanding throughout the medical device value chain, with the FDA and other regulatory bodies pursuing more robust oversight programs on globalized supply chains. This discussion will focus on the trends in global regulatory oversight, the risks faced by device manufacturers and what activities companies are (or should be) taking to ensure patient safety, regulatory compliance and product security and traceability. The emphasis of this discussion will be on upstream supplier oversight and downstream distribution quality and practices.

Supply Chain Transformation at Briggs Healthcare
Brad Mueller – Senior Vice President, Briggs Healthcare

As the expectations of providing more with less continue to soar across businesses, the value of the supply chain gets additional scrutiny from organizational stakeholders. This presentation will explore how Briggs Healthcare has transformed its supply chain into a competitive advantage by doing more with less and creating a robust and predictable supply chain through its application of S&OP; processes and other tools.

Conflict Minerals: What does Dodd-Frank Section 1502 mean for companies in the Medical Device Industry?
Greg Szczesny, Risk Assurance Practice Director – PwC

PwC will facilitate a discussion covering the compliance requirements and reporting timeline for Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act (Conflict Minerals provision). The conversation will focus on activities that support the initial product scoping, 3TG identification and supplier mapping techniques, and RCOI / DD activities. Practical considerations from our work within the medical device industry will be provided throughout, including leading practices in program governance, lessons learned when surveying suppliers and hidden places where 3TG may be lurking in your BOMs. The discussion with conclude with a review of immediate next-step considerations and Q & A.

Past Meeting
Title: MedSC 2012 Fall Meeting
Date: November 8, 2012
Agenda: A Canadian Healthcare Provider’s Supply Chain Perspective
John Martin, Director of Hospital Services, Queensway Charlton Hospital

Application of Lean Concepts at a Healthcare Provider
Steve Schaefer, Vice President of Supply Chain, Virginia Mason Hospital

Provider / Device Manufacturer Opportunities – Inventory Management
Michael Wentling, Vice President of Operations, Sister’s of Mercy ROi
Michael Bulone, Director Logistics Services, Johnson & Johnson

A Commercial Perspective and the Importance of Supply Chain
Chip Jones, Vice President of Corporate Sales, ConMed

Medical Device Trends in Asia
Andrew Frye, Business Development Healthcare, DKSH

A UDI and GS1 Update
Siobahn O’Bara, Vice President Healthcare US, GS1US

Past Meeting
Title: MedSC 2012 Spring Meeting
Date: May 9, 2012
Agenda: A Congressional Update on Healthcare Reform, the Excise Tax, and the FDA
Rep. Erik Paulson, R-MN3 and co-chair of the Med Tech Caucus

Preparing for the Medical Device Excise Tax
Sean Rutter, Tax Partner, PWC

Case Study – Development of the Manufacturing and Product Supply Network and Capabilities
Marc Gillette, Director of Strategic Operations, Boston Scientific

Case Study – Global Distribution Network Redesign
Craig Hourigan, Director Global Supply Chain Management & Sourcing, Hollister

A “Green” Success Story – A “Hyper-Sustainable” Distribution Center Yields Big Business Benefits
Ewald Parolari, Senior Director Supply Chain Operations, Becton Dickinson

Application of Customer Segmentation in Supply Chain – Research & Early Findings
Adam Dolby, Director Global Supply Chain Planning & Technology, Hollister

Mercy/ROi and Becton Dickinson Collaborate to Improve Quality of Care and Reduce Costs – Application of GS1 Standards and the “Perfect Order” Metric
Alex Zimmerman, Director of Integrated Business Solutions, Mercy/ROi
Dennis Black, Director eCommerce, Becton Dickinson

Benchmarking Study Summary and Debrief
Larry Smith, Vice President Global Supply Chain, Becton Dickinson