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Tips for a Great Healthy Hair

We have lots of tips for healthy hair, because healthy hair is beautiful hair! Whether your hair is thin, medium, thick, ethnic, or coarse, it can be made to look wonderful if it is healthy. Here are our tips for enjoying healthy hair that will be easier to style, exude more luster and natural buoyancy, and turn heads wherever you go.

Tips for Healthy Hair

First of all, keep your hair clean and well-conditioned. Experts suggest that one of the best tips for healthy hair is to use a quality shampoo that contains moisturizing conditioners and body-building nutrients, or that you use separate products to clean, condition, and feed your hair. Be willing to try several approaches and products until you find the ones that give you consistently beautiful, manageable hair.

Secondly, be careful not to damage your hair. Bleach and chemical relaxers or perms should be avoided, or used only as a last resort, if more hair-friendly techniques don’t give you the look you want. Allowing your hair to dry naturally without using a blow dryer will also minimize damage. If you must use a blow dryer, use Hair Protection Spray to guard against heat damage, and gently towel as much of the moisture as you can out of your hair before beginning.

The third step to a great looking, healthy head of hair is to brush it regularly, to remove loose hair that contributes to tangles and dirt being trapped, and to stimulate healthy growth in the follicles. This is one of the best tips for healthy hair!

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Finally, choose the right hair straightener to use at home. Those which will contribute most to a healthy head of hair are those employing ceramic heaters containing tourmaline crystals that deliver negative ion therapy to your hair. This innovative treatment relaxes your hair helps to seal the hair cuticle, locking in moisture. The result is less static, fewer frizzies, and easy-to-style tresses that are not dry and damaged.

More Tips for Healthy Hair

  • Don’t use brushes with plastic bristles
  • Always brush your hair before you shampoo
  • Trim off those dead ends!
  • Give an ionic dryer a try
  • Deep condition your hair every 2 weeks

Its fairly easy to keep your hair healthy and beautiful if you use our best tips for healthy hair!